Month: August 2020

Titan Poker Revamps VIP Program

Finally, Titan Poker, the leading online poker room in Europe, has launched Club Titan with its new "Titan Rewards" program which refers to both an upgraded VIP Club and loyalty plan.The new reward program includes three key elements:1. Monthly cash for casual players.2. VIP Club for dedicated players.3. Titan Treasures, an achievement-based incentive plan.The primary key element "monthly giveaway" is going to offer a great probability for the players who hardly ever attain VIP status as the program automatically exchanges frequent player points for cash each month at the rate of $1 for every 200 points. The players have the options to exchange Titan Points for cash up to a total of $20 each month. Titan Bronze players (the players who generate a minimum of 200 points in a month) will have another advantage that they can avail the benefit automatically on the first of the next month while Titan Gold players are required to request for the same.

On the other hand, the VIP Club on Titan Poker has been improved considerably with respect to the reduced number of VIP levels and the simplified structure. Here the players can generate Titan Points reciprocally while earning Status Points i.e. the higher the status level, the more Titan Points you earn. This is how the players will instantly be upgraded to a higher VIP level the moment they meet that level's Status Point requirement.Lastly, Titan Treasures is a revolutionary new incentive program which enables the players to take part in a series of challenges ranging from winning a hand with a full house to finishing last in a multi-table tournament such as Xbox 360 and PS3.

Titan Poker has staged for its celebration in parallel to the Million Dollar Race, an ongoing promotion which is awarding $1,000,000 in cash prizes to its poker players finishing top in the leaderboard standings. This will provide the opportunity to players to win multiple prizes at the same time. They can cash-in at Club Titan while building up their bankrolls at the Million Dollar Race.To read more about Online Poker, Poker Tips, Biographies please visit